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Kairis, Glenn Adamson, Angelina Zucco, Dr Lewis Yerloburka O'Brien Ao Funisa.While highbrow critics and pundits of the Wiseman school may fume at the docu’s loose structure and arguably loaded angle, this is juicy entertainment for a general audience and should hit the right chord with any family-friendly or educational channel.Meanwhile, members of the ASQ weave in and out of the narrative, reflecting on their symbiotic relationship with the Guadagninis.Though they don’t quite manage to articulate it in words, auds can experience it in some sublime scenes when they perform, as when Draper flies to Italy to test the finished cello made by Cavagnoli.

When Hicks started shooting in 2013, it has just formed its eighth configuration with a new team comprising violinists Kristian Winther and Ioana Tache, violist Stephen King and cellist Sharon Draper.

For hilariously jarring effect, scenes of Cavagnoli working alone in rapt silence are dramatically crosscut with the loquacious Carpenters (no relation to Karen and Richard) — an unabashedly mercantile breed of New York violinist-siblings who claim to have patented the Stradivarius brand (it’s never explained how).

Calling themselves “Kardashians of the stringed world,” their fashion sense and brash showmanship are more akin to Liberace.

It’s grist for high drama, albeit heartbreaking, when Winther and Tache return their violins (almost like losing child custody).

That said, the subjects seem acutely aware of the presence of cameras and crew, which perhaps accounts for the muffled responses.

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