Webwasher updating the url whitelist signs you dating commitment phobe

As you may recall, the original Ultimate HTAccess Blacklist was released here at Perishable Press a couple of years ago.Then, several months later, I added more bad user agents, compressed the list into single-line format, and released the Ultimate HTAccess Blacklist 2.Any bot identifying itself as one of the blacklisted agents is immediately and quietly denied access.While this certainly isn’t the most effective method of securing your site against malicious behavior, it may certainly provide another layer of protection.

Once a bad bot makes the rounds, becomes known, and is blacklisted, the bot owner need only modify or change its declared user agent and they’re back in business.

The Next Level.- Free Software For Your Layered Security Arsenal.- - Script Sentry.- - Registry Prot.- - Trust Setter.- - Startup Control Panel.- - Spy Bot S & D.- - Micro Soft Windows Defender.- - Ad Aware.- - Spyware Blaster.- - Spyware Guard.- Secure Your Operating System.- Anti-Trojan. Security should be a risk assessment: balancing the overall risk magnitude, (the full "cost" both to you, and to others, if the event occurs, and the probability of the event occurring), with the full "cost" of eliminating the possibility of the event occurring.

- - Boot Disk.- - Backup Regime.- - Worms, Infections and You.- - NAT Router.- - Windows XP ICF.- - Anti-Virus.- - Modem Stand-by.- Basic Security/Integrity (Continued) - Now Ready to Connect to the Internet.- - Software Firewall. - - Analyzer Tests and Tools.- - Tighten Internet Explorer (IE).- - Browser Alternatives.- - Browser Filtering.- - Email and Email Program Alternatives.- - For AOL Users Only.

Now, in this new and improved version of the Ultimate User-Agent Blacklist, I have integrated my recent collection to be used exclusively for my diabolical and obsessive monitoring purposes (insert maniacal laughter here).

Also, as with the second version of the user-agent blacklist, this new version is written in compressed, single-line format to facilitate usability and performance.

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