Updating usb drives

I tested both of them in each front slot (USB 3.0 & 2 USB 2.0) & I other USB 2.0 drive in the back, They weren't recognized by Windows Explorer, Disk Managent or DISKPART at the command prompt, however I would hear them being detected when I plugged them in.

I tried the Verbatim in my Blu Ray player & it worked fine (I could watch videos, view pictures, & listen to MP3's - the only functions the player supports) plus it worked in my friend's laptop a few days ago as I had the same problem w/it.

In some cases, an entirely new USB driver may need to be installed.

The driver can be downloaded online, where a user must choose to run the program and subsequently follow installation instructions.

A USB driver is a file that is allows a hardware device to communicate with the operating system of a computer.

These USB devices include a range of electronic items including, but limited to: keyboards, monitors, cameras, flash drives, mice, speakers, MP3 players, smartphones, printers and external hard drives.

An entire reinstallation of the entire operating system may be required if troubleshooting efforts to check devices, settings, cable connections and software updates have been exhausted.

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Troubleshooting USB Drivers USB driver issues that may arise include corruption or simple non-function.

Some examples of installation discs are shown to the right.

How Drivers Work USB drivers are installed in the device’s registry directory.

Note: For some devices, the device name displayed in Driver Easy is different from the device name displayed in Device Manager. In Driver Easy, click on the Down Triangle button next to Update, then select Open File Location to get the location of the downloaded driver file. That’s why we recommend that you upgrade Driver Easy to Professional Version.

In Driver Easy, you can click on the driver and get the name of your current driver. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the location address of the downloaded driver files to the box. With Professional Version, all your driver updates can be done automatically in just one click. You can even leave the program running to update your drivers and do something else instead of waiting around.

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