Sexychat with males

Sexting is one of the most erotic things you can do with your phone.

After all, who doesn’t want their lover to talk dirty to them every now and then?

” Something that involves licking, sex, and food all in one is going to make him hungry… When it comes to sexy text messages to send your guy, remember that he’s going to be shocked if you’ve never done this before.

He probably won’t know how to respond, so you’re going to have to do all the work.

This one usually works best in the summer, but in the winter you can say something like “How about I cover myself in chocolate syrup and you come home and lick it off me?

It’s one thing to have a daydream about your guy, it’s a completely different thing to have a wet dream about him.

He is going to want to know every little detail about your dream, so go ahead and make something up!

Use your imagination as far as you can and give him some sexy images to keep his mind occupied all day.

This naughty text is going to make him smile, and then it’s going to make him aroused.

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