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She is the Founder and Director of the Center for Ballet and the Arts at NYU, where she is also a Distinguished Scholar.She is currently working on a biography of George Balanchine. Murrow Professor of Practice at the Harvard Kennedy School and the author of Fire and Ashes: Success and Failure in Politics.In this timely reexamination of his oeuvre, the authors have put together a rich selection of images with bracing essays to provide a fuller and more nuanced view of this important artist.The nineteenth century saw a technological boom in drawing media, such I as black chalk and charcoal, allowing artists to experiment in unprecedented ways.As one of Metro Atlanta regions leading distributors of electrical supplies for commercial and residential use since 1990.

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ANTONY SHUGAAR is a contributing editor at Asymptote journal and translated six of the eight episodes of the upcoming HBO miniseries The Young Pope. NATHAN is Class of 1919 Professor of Political Science at Colum- bia.Functioning as both an intriguing introduction to his work and as an essential addition to the completist's library, this lively volume gathers Man Ray's most significant writings — many of which have never before been published— to provide a fuller and richer portrait of this twentieth-century master.THE GETTY RESEARCH INSTITUTE Hardcover .00 Getty Publications A WORLD OF ART, RESEARCH, CONSERVATION, AND PHILANTHROPY 8 C9B ©2016 J.The resulting art is evocative, stunning, and even eerie.With dazzling reproductions and lucid prose, Noir explores these inventive works on paper and brings together artists as diverse as Goya, Redon, and Courbet. PAUL GETTY MUSEUM Hardrnvpr Made in Los Angeles Materials, Processes, and the Birth of West Coast Minimalism Rachel Rivenc In the 1960s, a dynamic artistic movement exploded in Los Angeles, one rooted in simple shapes, pristine reflective surfaces, and brilliant color.She is the author of Natural Obsessions: The Search for the Oncogene and Woman: An Intimate Geography, among other books.JEREMY BERNSTEIN’S new book, A Bouquet of Numbers and Other Scien- tific Offerings, will be published in August.With the unique eye of a conservator, Rachel Rivenc takes on four icons of West Coast Minimalism — Larry Bell, Robert Irwin, Craig Kauffman, and John Mc Cracken — and offers an understanding of these artists within the context of the burgeoning midcentury art scene and the light-infused LA cityscape.THE GETTY CONSERVATION INSTITUTE Paper Man Ray Writings on Art Edited by Jennifer Mund^^ By turns whimsical and determined, astute and experimental, Man Ray was an artist who truly came alive in his writing.Wagstaff amassed a remarkable 26,000 photo- graphs, rangingfrom well-known masterpieces to images from obscure sources, such as daguerreotypes and cartes- de-visite.This gorgeous exhibition catalogue offers an amazing overview of Wagstaff's idiosyncratic collection, vividly repro- ducing over 150 of his finest photographs. PAUL GETTY MUSEUM Hardcover .95 One of the most influential and controversial figures in twentieth-century photography, Robert Mapplethorpe still stands as an example to emerging photographers who experiment with the boundaries and concepts of the beautiful.

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