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A professor of gastrophysics and a chef offer a suggestion in a new research article: The cephalopod population (including squid, octopus and cuttlefish) in the oceans is growing and growing -- let's get better at cooking ...

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According to research, women in same-sex relationships may be leading the way in terms of the most satisfying orgasms. How a parent handles the situation can heal their child and strengthen the parent/child bond or drive them away. By Mark O' Connell LCSW-R on October 25, 2018 in Quite Queerly In this open letter to my younger self, I describe how the art of acting saved my life, and how “coming out” is not a single event, but a lifelong process of playing many roles.

But due to human activities, the level of CO2 in the water is so high, and the water so ...

A new study suggests that early hominin dispersals beyond Africa did not involve adaptations to environmental extremes, such as to arid and harsh deserts.

Researchers have built a neural network that mimics the fruit fly's visual system and can distinguish and re-identify flies.

This provides evidence that the humble fruit fly's vision is clearer than ...

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  1. As my friend simultaneously listed the qualities of her ideal mate while making dinner plans on the phone with her husband, I sized up the rest of my competition. ”Despite being one of the franchise’s most marketable success stories, Season 17’s Sean and Catherine romance—now a marriage complete with two children—was decidedly an unappealing answer to the question. A family in matching sweatpants stood at the aquarium entrance and curiously eyed the gaggle of stiletto-clad women streaming out of the double doors.