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Fleek uses your phone’s location to find a list of nearby college campuses to select and then view pictures.For instance, you can’t be in Ohio and view the Loyola accounts on Fleek.

In 1996, Rambler, formerly of Mountville, pleaded guilty in a Harrisburg federal court to a felony count of extortion. A year earlier, Rambler, then 32, was accused by a 19-year-old man of sexually molesting him from the time he was 15 and living at Rambler's home.Yik Yak allows users to post anonymously and only displays posts within a 10-mile radius of the user.Despite some uncivil comments, Loyola officials were hesitant to ban Yik Yak for many of the same reasons Mmeje gave for the university’s hesitation to ban Fleek.West Hempfield Township police later dropped the charges after the alleged victim withdrew his complaint, according to published reports because he feared testifying.Speaking Monday in a telephone interview, Rambler, who is pastor of Heritage Assembly Church on the Rock on Wrightsville's South Second Street, defended his candidacy, saying he paid his debt to society and is a changed man who should be mayor, even if he doesn't have any municipal government experience."I'll tell you, I'm not perfect.However, if Loyola ever felt it necessary to ban or regulate an apps’ usage on its network, it would be well within its rights to, according to its network use policies.Currently, though, regardless of whether or not the university wanted to ban an app, the school doesn’t have the technology in place to do this.In fact, she said she resisted temptation to tell voters about his past since the primary, when Rambler ran unopposed."I don't want to run a dirty campaign," said Lindeman, who manages the Don Wright Store. "No one has come door-to-door, I haven't received any circulars and I haven't seen any (other) articles about it.But there is no way I would vote for a convicted felon for public office."Meanwhile, lifelong Republican Herchelroth said he's endorsing Lindeman, but he claims it has nothing to do with Rambler's rap sheet."It's because I've had an excellent working relationship with Dawn for the 12 years I've been mayor," Herchelroth said.Rambler said he's supporting enforcing housing ordinances already on the books rather than adopting the "far-reaching" state code. Stanley Rebert told the York Daily Record that Rambler's past could disqualify him from taking office, even if he is elected."My gut reaction is he would be disqualified from holding office," Rebert said in May.He also wants to bring back the borough's spring cleanup and hold town meetings to encourage more communication among residents. "Somebody would have to file a complaint with John Scott, the director of elections.

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