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According to Bay County Sheriff’s Office reports, domestic issues arose several times from Aug.

Tell us what you like and dislike, recent smoking experiences like describing the relaxing setting you smoked your pipe in after having an awesome dinner.

This is the start of a string of articles aimed at manly hobbies and their benefits to the mind, body and soul of a man.

————————————————————————————————————— “A pipe in the mouth makes it clear that there has been no mistake–you are undoubtedly a man.” -A. Milne In the years since the rise of feminism, men have slowly lost manly traditions.

If someone does not honor their side of the transaction, you can post that they didn’t.

There is nothing that we can do if someone doesn’t honor their side, so please do not complain to us about. After all reasonable attempts to resolve the situation has failed, post who it was so others do not fall victim to them.

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