Performance counter updating error exchange 2016

Bonus for people with too many stereotypes about the conformist East: one of the leaders of the Confucian revival decided to make his point by going around in old Confucian-style robes.

Eliezer Yudkowsky thinks Alpha Go’s victory is a pretty big sign. Martin’s continent of Westeros is just Britain and an inverted Ireland mashed together.

Is there something you need us to do differently so that they’re treated more courteously? This guy is behaving this way because he’s apparently not being called out on it.

Obviously there are some risks here, but risks have to be weighed against benefits – if we don’t do it, mosquito-borne diseases keep killing one million people each year.

Related: general staring in awe at the possibilities of CRISPR. A lot of talk recently on the persistency of ancestry-adjusted economic success – that is, the peoples who were doing more agriculture thousands of years ago are more modernized and prosperous today. China Channel is a Firefox add-on that puts you behind the Great Firewall of China.

Relevant to our interests: a new study on guns and homicide continues to find a correlation; goes part of the way to eliminating a reverse-causation hypothesis. After I complained about weighted blankets costing too much, Kate very kindly found one that only costs .

Can we really kill all mosquitos in the world to eliminate malaria?

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