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Each additional posting within that 24 hours will cost a dollar.A good portion of the mainstream media is characterizing this move as reactionary.An example: “thumbs nose at sheriff [Tom Dart, the Illinois Cook County anti-trafficking zealot who wrote a letter to Mastercard and Visa this month prompting their actions],” as the USA Today headline put it, but many sex workers believe this is the least Backpage can do for them during this difficult time in return for earning million dollars of revenue annually from our escort ads.However, Katherine Koster of the Sex Worker Outreach Project noted that some sex workers are still having trouble with the new system.For one thing, it seems the free posting is only a privilege granted to those who’d posted a paid ad recently, before the Visa and Mastercard fiasco began.“Other people have shared issues around…not being able to post at all,” Koster told Tits and Sass via a Facebook message.

This announcement came on the heels of 34-year-old escort and New York native Sanisha Johnson’s murder at the Extended Stay America hotel in Burlington, MA on July 2nd.

On February 15th, Healey filed an brief urging the U. District Court in Boston to allow a lawsuit brought by three underage trafficking survivors against Backpage to proceed.

She argued that websites like Backpage should not be immune to liability under the federal Communications Decency Act, the Massachusetts Anti-Trafficking Act, and Chapter 93A of Massachusetts law against unfair and deceptive business practices, because, according to the plaintiffs’ suit, Backpage does more than allow posts on their site, but also intentionally promotes sex trafficking and knowingly allows the trafficking of minors.

(Masi’s own mother, Rhonda Bleeker, believes her daughter arranged to meet Tejeda on Backpage for a ride or to borrow a car, not for sex, but she did state that “whether she was on there as an escort, or wasn’t, she didn’t deserve to die.”) On July 13th, another man, James Adams, was found guilty in Providence Superior Court on a number of charges, including attacking one Backpage adult services poster, Jessica Dyer, as well as killing another, Mary Grier, in 2012.

Neither Healey nor Kilmartin made any statements promoting decriminalization, which would protect sex workers from such violence by allowing them to operate openly.

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