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Statistics showing population distribution by age, sex, and marital status bear out that this is more than a perception.

As columnist Maureen Dowd, of the New York Times, aptly notes, “Women moving up still strive to marry up. The two sexes going in opposite directions has led to an epidemic of professional women missing out on husbands and kids.” If there is a surplus of women in the given category and if a number of them therefore cannot marry, what then?

If an unmarried woman in this category were a man, we would say she was sowing her wild oats. Later, she expects to settle down to one man; and when she makes that decision, she will start husband shopping.

Usually, but not always, the basis for her reformation is the desire to have a child and the recognition of the societal benefits of family life versus the single motherhood alternative.

A young woman friend of mine, tanned and glowing and just back from a Mediterranean jaunt with her man of the moment, exclaimed, “I think I’ve found the secret.

Being a wife is a drag, but being a ‘bride’ is terrific.

They would concur with Gloria Steinem’s widely quoted maxim: “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle!

” Women who have resigned themselves to not getting married include those who have some unsolvable problem which makes them less marriageable than others.

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There are simply not enough eligible men available to go around for the women at the top.By continuing to use this website, you consent to Columbia University's usage of cookies and similar technologies, in accordance with the Columbia University Website Cookie Notice.When a person is finding a partner to share his/her life, then it's obvious to have some bitter experiences and failed relationship.When you think of a woman who is a tramp, you think of one bold enough to have a man in her life without the honorable permission of being either married or at least engaged. It is this residual category of women, not a small minority by any means, who are eligible to consider taking a lover or even lovers.They may be tramps from one perspective, but from another, they are emancipated.Such women became the familiar stereotypes of the old-maid teacher and librarian.Since women now do not experience the same career-or-marriage conflict, modern women who reject marriage are likely to do so on ideological grounds.Well, a new fact has come to light in the case of the divorce of his present day girlfriend Mariah Shriver with Arnold Schwarzenegger.Mathew Down had one of a tragic back story which people have heard about due to the controversy that Dowd is aligned with.They are the vanguard of the third wave of the feminist movement, and their ranks are drawn from both unmarried women and married ones.Unmarried women make up a large part of our population.

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