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The piers are massive cylinders, about Boi Ue 1, — Malme^ry. In the church are several monuments to the Suttons and Heath- cotes, including one to Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Lori TMsyor of London, d. William Cunnington, local secretary to this society, and grand- son to tbe associate of Sir R. Jolm's- street (nesr the Bear), conl^ns speci- mens of birds, minet^i. His bther would introdnce him to his visitors with, "Gentlemen, here's my son ; will you have him recite from the poets, or talte your por- truts F" His first picture was painted here when he was about 7 years old. ii cracilbrm but aisleless, with a central tower and turret. The year 1 637 saw a mach less welcome guest, the plague. The excellent Mayor, Joim Ivic, proved himself a true Christian hero, and relieved the poor, checked insubordination, and re- pressed rapine and excess.

There is a smaller and plainer Norm, door to the N„ origin- ally opening into the cloisters. is ascribed to Henry I.'s all-powerful favourite, Roger, Bishop of Sarum, and Is placed by Mr. It is a very early ex- ample of Transition Norman work, with as yet but lew traces of the approaching change beyond the ob- tusely painted arches of the nave. In the town ii also a remarkable collection of fosaila, fbrmed by Ur. The miueum of a Literta-y and Scimlifie lastittition, in St. 1769, at Bath) was landlord of the Bear, and here the youth Ail artist first leamt to draw lilteneises, as well as to repeat poetry for the entertiunment of customers. came here in 1625, when Davenant declined to resign bis Palace to him, and the king moved on to Wilton.

Here is a little chnrch with a remarkabl e Perpendicular Bell- larret rising upon the west gable. The '■ commoners" of the borough still hold a large tract of land, said to have been granted to them by Athelstan for their servicea in his battles against the Danes. Originally it was a complete cross c]i.,withoeatraland W. The central tower, crowned with a lofty spire, "a marke to al the countrie about, fell daungeroosly," according to Inland, " in hanunuin memorid e. Wjatl, which bears an inscription to record an awful event which occurred here in 1753. Henry VIL was liere in 1491, and again, accompanied by his Queen and his mother, in 1496. His first visit was in 1603, soon after his coronation, when be received, not a gold, but a silver- gilt cup, and i Oi., and his queen Wl, also.

Samson, besides a portion of the True Cross aod Crown o FThoms. It was razed to the ground b; the monl^ ia the reign of John, to enlarge their monastery, the buildings of which at the Dissolntion extended over— not 45, as absurdly Btaled— bnteacrea. lis plan was of the fullest cathedral type, and its scale surpassed several churches of cathedral rank, while its architecture is of a very high degree of merit. the name of the foun- der, "'William Smith, qui islam Ecclesiam fieri fecit, 1436." The tower is of stately proportions. porch is a good specimen of tran- sition,c.l200; repaired 1612. The ^ade, 4G ft in length, is orna- mented with appropriate carving and a statue of Ceres. 3, 1857, In the Market-place, an area of tri- angular form, stands the Market-cross, designed by Benj. end and an hourglass stand- in a tnmnlus near Wmterboume Sloke was foand by Sir R. Hoare, a '■ Gleyn Neyder '' or " Holy Adder Stone ; ' an article of macb rarity, said to have possessed some wonder- ful virtues, which the Druids turned to account. Salisbury was now frequently ho Doured by visits from royal personages. in gold, whereat her majesty was both merry and pleasant." Salisbury was a favourite place of retirement of James I., who 81 liked tbe freedom from restr^t, and facilities for the chase he found here.

The tiifbrium Bbowa a umlcircular arch embncbg 4 smaller ones. 1633, He was several limes imprieoned for preaching, and is best luiov D by hb ' Alarm to the Unconverted.' Bob. 's judges, but he prudently abstained from attending the trial. " Orator Hunt " married daughter of tbe landlord of the Beer Inn, and became chtdrman of the Ordinary there, which gave him ireqaent opportunities for declama- tion. In 1645 Ludlow with a few horsemen held the Close against Sir Marmaduke Langdale, and for several hours maintained an unequal fight in the market place and adjoin- ing streets, his troopers on one occa- sion charging ihroagh the narrow passage by the Poultry Cross. 17 of the same year Cromwell was here atler tbe siege of Basing House.

18 irhich Toultiag sliaft G rise, spreading out into an duborate groined roof with rich bosses, a Decorated work of the same date as the clereetory, the windows of which are of a Gome- vhat imusuai pattern. Devizes was the birthplace oi Joseph ABein, an eminent Doa-confarmist minister, b. for Dev Lce E, was an active manager of the impeachment of Laud, whom he is accused of having treated with "nneeemiy in- solence and ' insult, using fool and gross language." His name appears as one of Charles I. At the period of the Rebellion it was alter- nately occupied by either party as they marched through the country —by Ludlow, then by Dodingt OD, and next by Waller, who in turn retreated before tbe King and Prince Maurice.

He was the first Anglo-Saxon on record who wrote in litio, and the ftmc of his classical knowledge, "vestrv Latinitatis paneeyrieus ru- mor," was widely spread not only in his native land, but oo the con- tinent, and reached the ears of dvellera in remote Frankish pro- Tincea. The osoal l^^nda are told of him — of his lengthening by his prayers a beam that was too short — hanginghis clothes Io dry on a sunbeam, and the like. brought to the monastery he bad founded, and buried in St. A day was ap- pointed for hearing the charge, but the day before the friar was found murdered. The year 1484 witnessed a visit from Richard 111., and the execution of the Duke of Buckingham, who had Wiltshire. been brought hithef from Shrews- bury, where, he had been betrayed and arrested.Maintain attribution Tht Goog Xt "watermark" you see on each file is essential for in forming people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. The spire is among the most iinposing objects of whi^ Gothic architecture can The foundation was laid by Kshop Poore, April2S, 1220; tiie first Stn.Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. The cathedi^ is built throughout with freestone obt^ed from the Chilmark quar- riel, situated about twelve miles fh)m Salisbury, towards Hindon, and still worked. " This." he adds, " is John Scott that translated Dionysius out of Greek into Latin." He was also author of 'A Trea Use on the Divi- sion of Nature.' The great patron hero of Malmesbury is " the glorious Athelstan," who rebuilt the monas- tery from the ground, and enriched it withlargegi'anls of land and the bones of St. but " the etari in their conr Ges fought against him," aud the SHOW drivms in his men's faces delenoined the 3ay in Henry's &Tour, and the caslle fell. the Abbot received a seat in the House of Peers, and a mitre was added by Richard II. is tbe fragment of a building which, when perfect, must have stood very high among our ecclesiastical edifices. John's, and the chan- cel is of the original structure, with groining and transversal arch. and is a good specimen of the style, with lo^y clerestot T and elaborately car- ved roof bearing in the second bay from the E. Jamfs'i, a chapel of ease to Bishops Cannings, rebuilt in 1B34, except the pinnacled tower, stands at the E. Devizes contribnied martyrs to the persecntioiis which ushered in the Reformation. The Tomi Hail, built by Baldwin of Bath, 1B08, with a segmental Ionic portico, contidns a handsomely decorated Assembly Room, Council Chamber, &c. The Com Exchange is a handsome stone building of the Corinthian order, designed by Hili, of Leeds. long, and affords stand- ing room for nearly 3000 persons. The then Bishop of Salisbury, Lionel Wood- vi Jle, was brother-in-law to the Duke, and his death, which occurred the next year, is supposed to have been hastened by the bloody end of his relative and the accumnlated sorrows of his house. Elizabeth was here un her progress to Bristol, 15T4, and received a present of "a eup of gold, and 20(. and were refined for all." TTiia is engraved in &x B. 887, met with a fer less favourable recep- tion at Malmesbury, "being," saya Leland, "slayne of his own disiuplea thrusting and striking hym with their table pointelles ' ' (query, steel peas f ). VIIl.'s time, and done penance with white sheet and lighted candle in the nmrkel-place here, gained heart, and in 1 956 was burnt with two iriends between Salisbury and Wilton. Wyatt, has a pedimental portico of 4 Ionic columns. A headless Ekeleton, wanting the right aiiu, exhoined in the kitchen of this inn in 1S38, is supposed to have been Buckingham's, but more trustworthy accounts state that he was buried at the Grey Priara, London. In Mary's reign the fires of martyrdom were kindled here, and three men were burnt as heretics at Fisherton- field, March 2.3, 1556. The whole was recased externally in the Deco- rated age. firitton's works relating to this county; and his unique Celtio cabi- net, enoloung mode U of Stonehenge and Ayebury. Here he wrote his ' Apology for the Voyage to Guiana.' Charles I. At the farther side of the parish towards Draycote is "The Hermitage," a square [uece of Broimd with old moat about it, the history of which is nnktiown. 2 of the Norman lantern arches, originally supporting the cen- tral tower, wiih a portion of the W. Of the eastern limh the merest fragment remai DS attached to the N. front of rich Norman work was a show ft^ade (the proto- type of that of Salisbury), with angu- lar turrets and a soreenwall masking tbe ends of the aisle. The sculptures, which have been fully described by Pro C Cock- erell (' Sculptures of Wells Cathe* dral ') appear to represent on tbe Ist arch— the history of the Creation, Fall, Cain and Abel ; on the Snd the Deluge, Offering of l Eaac,'lce Des from the Mstory of Moses, ^mpson and David ; on the 3rd, scenes irom the history of our Lord, the Annimda. The inner doorway has "a Majesty" in the tympanum, and the Apostles on either side of the arcaded porch. of Salis- bury Cathedral and of other Wilt- ihiro ohurche E ; iilnstrated copies of Mr. James was here, and Raleigh sought to gain time by feigning uckuess by the aid of a French quack named Manourie. Jaques, a ^pmate, who was hanged for it on Stanton Common, now enclosed. It has all the solemn majesty of a Komaneeqne building, combined with Bomewhat of Gothic aspiration. The Lent Assiiea for the county _.e held at this town. The valley soon becomes very narrow, hemmed in between bills, in some places rising almost precipitously, clothed with hanging wootb and orchards. rebuilt, i655), Afiuidington, and Bal- leiion, each with an ancieot ch. Joii D-sireet, his A-iends met in secret and successfully planned his escape. " The whole eleva- tion must have been one of the very grandest in England. Devizes was the scene of not a few of his turbnlent meetings. After the battle of Worcester Charles IL lay concealed for a few days near Salisbury, and at the King's Arms, St.Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing tliis resource, we liave taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. 1, frota the PSou^k is the vil- lage of Kington St. it em- braces tbe bold heights which abut opon Pewsey Vale ; and N. W., tbe Soman camp of Oliuer's Castle, marked by a Btra^^gling group of beech-treei ; and N. rt : ^e Ch., rebuilt in 1633, contains a font de- signed by Sir Dtgtnr Wyatt, who was bom here; 2 m. is Poufs Aof, tbe ho Dses interspersed witb trees stand- ing pictnresquely round the village- green, of which Dr. are fbuud in the ffermgi- nou B Mnd in this palish. In tbe Ck., which is a cluip«l-of-eue to Melksham, is a brass to John Sloky B and his wife, U98. I aisle is said to have been built by I him ; and in the moulding of its W. It had escaped from a caraywi on its way to Salisbo Ty fair. (TWOBOTTEB.) POTTERNE, MARKET LAVINQTON: 1 URCHFONT, 9AU8BURY PLAIN. The length of both is nea^ the same, about 24 or 39 m. In some respects it may be considered the first of our Enslisb cathedrals, and, taken as a whole, it mmt always hold a very high place extremely beautiful, but perfectly oripnal.We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. , from an ad- joining &nn so called, which was anciently held under Glastonbury Abbey by the Filzucse fiunily, one of whom was one of the murderers of Thoe. B., at tbe dis- tance of 2j m, the Wanidyke nearly as perfect us on the day when it was first thrown up. window is bis device, a pair of shears Many Wallooo families settled about here temp, Henry VII. There is scarcely any trace of French or foreign influence; everything is the result of the native elaboration daring the previous cen- tury and a half.

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