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I’ll never understand the urge that so many men have to just show their dicks to everyone.

Most of the dicks I saw were not even that impressive.

You might remember when the website came out almost a decade ago. This could go on, I would imagine, for weeks and I bet you’d never find a single girl on this site. Once I click on “verify now,” I’m brought to a different site,

Thought up by a seventeen-year-old girl from Moscow, Chatroulette really changed the model of your traditional webcam video chat. I couldn’t stomach more than a couple minutes of it, though, so I decided to click the “girls” button, thinking maybe this would save me from the hellscape of dicks I’d somehow stumbled into. This version is set up the exact same way as the original, but, instead of my eyes being assaulted by disgusting old man dick, there’s a sexy woman rolling around on her bed in her panties. On my cam screen, though, there’s a prompt to allow the site to use Java. I click accept and am told that I must verify my age. I could have been thirteen years old and seeing more dicks than any straight man needs to see in a whole lifetime, and that’s okay, no age verification necessary, but now I want to see some tits and I have to be eighteen? It looks like your typical xxx cam site—a bunch of thumbnails of cam girls who are live, a list of filters to the left, and a spot to log-in located in the top right-hand corner.

They explicitly spoke out to discourage using the site for anything sexual and changed their terms and services to state that pornographic content is strictly forbidden. Unless, of course, you’re looking to try out a new cam site, but it is not roulette style.Long story short, Dirtyroulette is a dick lover’s paradise.They do not, however, have much of interest for straight guys, so, unfortunately, our quest for a decent hetero video roulette site continues.Instead of only being able to chat with one person (typically someone you knew well), suddenly anyone in the world could video chat with anyone else in the world, and you’d have no way of knowing who that other person might be. From there, I am prompted to sign up with my email address (they don’t even make me enter my date of birth or anything to verify my age, by the way).Teenage girls became the site’s initial main demographic, as it was a kind of exciting way to spend a Tuesday night, chatting with strangers on the internet. I sign up thinking ‘what the hell,’ it’s not like they want my credit card info or anything. I go back to Dirtyroulette, wondering if maybe now that I signed up for Myfreecams I will also be able to get my roulette chat on.It does make me wonder, though, if there isn’t something deeply embedded in our idiotic evolutionary DNA, an inexplicable desire to show what we’re packing to potential mates: “You Jane. We fuck now.” Maybe that’s also the unconscious place Louis C. was operating from when he decided to just whip his cock out and start jerking it in front of chicks.Deep down, we’re all still just monkeys who need to cum.And, I hate to say it boys, but the odds that we will succeed in this quest are looking pretty slim.Women can make really good money on those paid cam sites, so that doesn’t leave a whole lot of incentive for them to offer it up on the free with any and every gross dick with a webcam and internet service.To make it easier for you to meet women on our site we created a page with useful tips to help you get girls on Crgirls is easy and free to use, once you load the site a random user will pop up right away.

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