Difference between guys and girls dating

When presented with these four “sex icons” 63.2% of women chose Bob Harper, the personal trainer from . Once again the fit-but-not-freaky looking one takes the lead.Up next, with only 24.2% of votes is the coveted Ryan Reynolds body. When shown all of the photos at once 23% of women chose Brad Pitt’s torso, 19% chose fitness guru Bob Harper, and 15% chose the bangin’ beach bod from up above. Some people find themselves “naturally” overweight or underweight (like Jared and I were) and it takes some work to get into that healthy and fit range (our transformation).Looks like a life devoted to achieving the “perfect” physique gives you the worst body according to women. To make matters worse, 50% of the men that completed the survey (keep in mind these men are interested in physiques, or they wouldn’t have taken the survey) want to look like Frank Zane (last place), vs the 40% that want to look like Brad Pitt. If we filter the data by girls that self-identify as creatives, artists or musicians the opposite happens.Brad Pitt goes up to 73.3%, Henry Rollins goes up to 16.7% and the heavyweight build only gets 6.7% Anthony Ketis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers takes home the prize here with 58.3% of women preferring his bodyfat levels and 81% of women finding his body attractive.We asked women to check off, based on words this time, what what was important to them about their man when it comes to fitness/health/physique (multiple checks allowed).Here are the significant results: 89.2% of women say that a man taking care of his health is important to them 74.5% of women want a man that’s stronger than they are 61.8% of women want a man that can protect them 60.8% want their man to look his best 58.8% think it’s important for their man to have bigger arms than them 38% want him to be strong and muscular.Up third is Men’s Health / underwear model Scott Herman. Ironically, of course, the body that girls selected is famous for being a fitness guru. There’s a pretty well-defined “range of perfection”. Being slim and well muscled is perfect, and so is being a little muscle-bound, so long as it looks natural and healthy. Once there though, it’s a blast, and pretty easy to maintain without getting all obsessive about it. They preferred Zyzz’s body (right) — the body that didn’t even register on the females’ radar because of its too-swollen muscles and too-chiseled abs. Looks like the ideal male body is the one that visually exudes health and energy.

So let’s say you’ve somehow ended up either chubby or scrawny…

If we want to be hotties, and honestly on some level most of us do, we’re totally clueless. Brad Pitt ‘s headless body (as Tyler Durden in Fight Club), on the other hand, kicked some serious aesthetic ass in the line-ups. We’ve tried to find out what girls want when it comes to looks, fitness, health and attitude in general. We’ve also found out what guys find the most impressive, and what guys aspire to achieve.

but even the girls that wrote in his name more often than not didn’t select his body (no heads were present) in the line-up.

All else the same, would you prefer if he were fit, like on the right? If you’re scrawny 82.4% of women, as a girlfriend/wife, would want you to bulk up.

I’m guessing that percentage would be even higher if you’re looking to date and haven’t already ensnared a vixen. When looking at a suitor or date here’s what the girls said: 34.3% of women answered that they prefer active healthy guys, but personality is key as well.

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