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Did he have Bishop Michael’s permission to look into his personal clergy file?

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(ACROD is an autonomous diocese under the Ecumenical Patriarchate.) That meeting was reported by Fr Jillions in his “Chancellor’s Diary” on February 8, 2013.Once a Diocesan Spiritual Court adjudicates a case the only person who can block the appeal of a case to the Holy Synod is the diocesan bishop –in this case, Bishop Michael.Since Fr Vladimir was reinstated, it would appear that Michael is not in favor of an appeal of the case.After making his presentation to the Court, clergy representing Fr Alexeev presented their defense of Fr Alexeev.The ruling of the Diocesan Spiritual Court was that the case presented by the prosecution (Jillions) was without merit and they ruled in favor of Alexeev.Is he being knocked down and put in his place in case Tikhon’s tenure is no better than his last two predecessors?We already know that Jillions and Tosi preferred Archbishop Benjamin Peterson for the White Hat after Jonah’s illegal ouster.We do know that Fr Jillions has been on a clergy misconduct crusade; some would call it an unnatural obsession. Why the selective interest in certain episcopal files but not others?We do know that he has looked into dozens of cases that were already adjudicated and sealed. This situation opens a bevy of questions about Jillions’ motives and how he conducts his job.Is Bishop Michael seen as some sort of threat to the Syosset status quo since he was the popular choice of the clergy and faithful delegates to the Parma Council?

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