David beckham dating victoria

As well as having a successful professional life, David went on to marry former Spice Girl Victoria Adams back in 1999 and the couple has been one of the most talked about duos in the world ever since and have even managed to move from a charming four-bedroom house in Worsley to their very own mansion in Los Angeles.Together the couple has four children, Brooklyn, Cruz, Romeo, and Harper and were dubbed "Posh and Becks" by the media for a number of years after they started dating.Even though Beckham wasn't someone who had kept up to date with The Spice Girls at that point and admitted that he wouldn't consider himself to be a fan of the group, he did enjoy watching Posh Spice.

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Many couples remember the first time they met quite vividly and tell the story to their children and grandchildren in the years that follow, but it appears that Victoria isn't able to do this since she was a little drunk at the time.The roles have somewhat been reversed now, to the point where David is considered to be more famous than his wife, since he is one of the most talked about athletes in the world and someone that definitely changed the culture of football as a whole throughout his time on the pitch.The Spice Girls split back in 2000, just two years after Geri Halliwell departed from the group and even though all five women embarked on solo careers of their own, none of them were as successful as their run as a group.There has been a number of reunions for the five women over the past few years, one which even saw them perform at the closing ceremony of the London Olympics back in 2012.The fairytale that many people grow up with states that love at first sight is real, and while there aren't many cases to back up this theory, it appears that David and Victoria's relationship is one of them.The couple met in the Manchester United players lounge after a charity game and it was reported that Victoria wasn't a huge fan of football so she spent the entire time watching the wrong team because she wasn't wearing her glasses.Much like David, Victoria claims that the minute she laid eyes on the Manchester United player she knew that it was love at first sight.Even though both David and Victoria were globally known stars at this time, their first kiss took place in a pub carpark near his parents' house in Epping, which isn't a story that anyone would expect from Posh and Becks.It was low key and it allowed them to avoid any cameras and the couple even admitted that most of the time they were a little bit buzzed.Even though this is what she claims, she did reveal that she was a little bit tipsy at the time so the exact details of their meeting are somewhat hazy.It was Victoria who walked over and introduced herself to David since he was sitting with his family at the time and all other Manchester United players were with their teammates and friends.

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