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They work in groups with usually up to 10 young women with such imaginable names as "diamond girls" and similar.There are several which rush into the places do a 20 minute performance and move to the next place.The people either have never been there or never went out from their cave after eight, but those pages are listed high means no relevancy to reality, so why Google pop them up? Since all here is very picture and video oriented you immediately will understand what’s up and just don't believe anyone who tells there is nothing going on, they are just to lazy to go out and look, but unfortunately Google likes the laziness and the websites which haven't changed anything since 3 years and more this is what they call "fresh content"!

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The local one is quite good and better than Thai beer since there is less chemicals and preservatives in the local stuff bars and lounges dozens of "pretty things" for sexy games are waiting, give it a try.and would be ideal for anyone looking for party venues and function rooms.There are also several game tables at the pool bar.If there is ever any problem get the police in, they are very helpful.believe anything what the international media bring about them, the people who write all this negative stuff about Myanmar usually have never been there or maybe sitting around in one of the hotel bars and warming up rumors.The only regular entertainment is local style fashion shows with plenty of pretty girls who rush through the places to entertain the people.Rooms are available for private hire, this usually runs under “VIP” rooms, yes everyone here is a “VIP”.Nightclubs in Yangon City, as everywhere this are some kind of a pleasure dome to have fun in the night.After an exhaustive day that's the right place to chill out and relax, entertainment is welcome and there is a lot going on in the city Power Light restaurant & nightclub is a typical local fusion show venue, it is a myth people spreading in the internet that there is not much going on in the night there. Planning some good time in a Yangon nightclub during your stay in this interesting oriental city browse through our website and find out what's going on.Check out this resource if you are interested in dating Burmese women.There is a saying that once you marry a Myanmar woman you marry her entire family.

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