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Yes, feminists and non-whites have ruined the world by making it forbidden for you to troll for cock on Craigslist. The M4M section in any city seemed like one of their liveliest categories. They don’t sell ads.[quote]They're the ones who say, 'it's okay if the cops break down my door and search and break my belongings BECAUSE I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE. I don't know how it is people grow to be so stupid, but there's an entire nation of them right outside my many miss the scarier point about this happening. They also know that now they let it go this far, there is no possible way they can come back from being an HIV, HPV, herpes, dope and human traffic distributor, and admitted defeat. I started an account here solely to present this declaration; my contempt for social media, web dating and other distancing social tools which have systematically damaged or destroyed societal social skills like an ice pick was once used to scramble brains.Which really, is all the Libs who present these tools as equal to actual interaction are doing.I said that Craigslist should merely take some concrete steps to ameliorate the worst behavior hosted on its site. And yes, as a person who lives in the world and benefits from being a member of the public, I want it to have less child prostitution, meth dealing, and bestiality. They were before my time but it seems like they were a lot of fun.Craigslist could spend some of its billions on better moderation. Some studies have found that Craigslist has reduced violence against sex workers, which I believe is true. Oh, R49"Benefits from being a member of the public". You want all of these good things for others or yourself? Go read the news, and keep on about how people looking for casual encounters on Craigslist is the problem. Come to think of it, could spark new interest into all the bars that are closing.Should we all stop selling merchandise or looking for work as well? What is going on right now is worse than what it was before the alleged "sexual freedom" and "feminism" and "diversity" and all the other bullshit. Or at least given them important government positions. In all its guises, online, on subscription channel tv, specialist stores...I knew that crap would take it all down, and it has, and it's going to continue to just get worse."Let's admit this is just another way of sexually repressed, Incest Survivor Fraus of killing sex."Yes, god damn those incest survivors! I'm pretty sure R37 is either a frau, or someone letting his inner frau out. this one time some old dud tried to get with a kid, like seven years ago, so sex on craigslist should go away." Yeah, ok. They were talking about the possibility of developing an opt-in required r for adult content on the web to protect children from viewing it, but no. The only lawmakers voting against the bill were Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden, who co-authored Section 230, and Kentucky Republican Rand Paul. John Mc Cain, R-Arizona, did not vote, although he supported the bill.It's not a matter of being unable to manage my own life; it's a matter of the commons being ruined by bad actors - e.g., you better believe that CL-meth-fueled hookups is costing society money in STD clinic visits - and feeling that a company (CL) making billion$ off of it, could take a bit of responsibility for the situation. We should just avoid those activities all together.There have been at least as many if not more robberies and murders under the cars and other merchandise for sale, and help wanted ads on CL than there have been for sex. I'm fed up with being limited or punished based on what the worst of society does.

I simply mourn and live with the resulting depression and abandonment. But sometimes I just can't stfu, I gotta tell a handful of people to watch out for the bus they are being thrown under. It isn't fair to expose your significant other to whatever STD your Craiglist hoe probably has because they post a different ad on there each week.

This is why capitalism is perceived as the same thing as corporatism. It makes no sense to steal from you then cop up to it. Craigslist sold info of all email respondents to solicitors. They all know people are become weak and dependant on the teat.

They robbed you and gave you psychos and disease carriers for hookups. Uncle Sam is in reality helping you all and attempting to save you from yourselves.

They're the ones who say, 'it's okay if the cops break down my door and search and break my belongings BECAUSE I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE. I would say a lot of these environs-- craigslist, backpage, select dating sites/apps, etc, are themselves the ultimate repository of the lowest common denominator, and a vector for psychological and physical disease being spread pathologically among those happless wanderers who stray into these dark alleys.

You should just die already."Do they call you Chicken Mary! This bill *could* conceivably present the beachhead established to assault free speech, but it is more likely that state and federal government simply find it less expensive for web entities to police themselves.

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