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“We were lucky that she still lived there and would be the one to file because one of us still had to be a resident of the state in order for the divorce to be granted,” she said.

“We were not aware– in any way–of the divorce laws for same-sex couples regarding residency and waiting periods. Heterosexual couples do not have to contend with the same residency laws as same-sex couples do, which is one example of the way that ‘equality’ is not fully achieved in this process.”The solution seems simple enough, moving to one of the states that recognize their union but most states require potential divorcees to fulfill a residency requirement before the government can grant a divorce.

After proving our commitment to the institution of marriage by chasing and finding success with marriage equality, we have even further to go in order to find true similarity with heterosexual marriage.

And while couples are still struggling to maneuver the archaic system, same-sex divorcees are riding the learning curve, still proud of how far we’ve come and remaining staunch in the need for further equality.“I have witnessed friends and family members going through some difficult divorces,” Michele said.

The discussion was not happening in my circle of friends–it was only about marriage equality.”“I had read about gay couples being prevented from divorcing in some states,” Linda said, “but within Massachusetts there had been several articles on some who married the first year and some time later became divorced.

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If they didn’t want to wait that long, they could also move to any of the other states that recognize their marriage, with residency requirements anywhere from 90 days to one year; Illinois’ 90-day requirement taking effect after June 1 and Vermont not allowing any divorce for marriages shorter than a year.

When compared with the comprehensive equality debates in regards to gay marriage, there has been a complete lack of discussion surrounding divorce, recently coming to a head when a lesbian couple, The Richmonds, were denied a divorce in Alabama because the state doesn’t recognize their marriage.

The first gay divorces took place in Boston in the months after the legalization of same-sex marriages in 2004, and gay marriages first made the census in 2010.

Until I started doing the research I really didn’t know much about how the divorce process worked.”“’Gay marriage’ didn’t translate to ‘gay divorce’ in my mind at the time,” Kayce added.

“Now an activist and voice in the community for LGBT rights, I’m very outspoken with the fact that equality truly means equality.”The process is different for every couple, straight or gay, and difficulty is dependent on a number of factors.

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