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To make matters worse, differences in decision-making styles lead to infighting; integration stalls; and productivity declines.The good news is that human due diligence can help companies avoid these problems.Done early enough, it also helps acquirers decide whether to embrace or kill a deal and determine the price they are willing to pay.

In this environment, it’s clearly impossible to employ most of the analytic tools we describe in this article ahead of time.The research compared people-related practices in successful and unsuccessful deals.In the 15 deals classified as successful, nearly 90% of the acquirers had identified key employees and targeted them for retention during due diligence or within the first 30 days after the announcement.Most important, they can make the critical people decisions—who stays, who goes, who runs the combined business, what to do with the rank and file—when a deal is announced, or shortly thereafter.The value of addressing these issues early is highlighted in detailed interviews Bain & Company conducted with managers involved in 40 recent mergers and acquisitions.Most companies do a thorough job of financial due diligence when they acquire other companies.But all too often, deal makers simply ignore or underestimate the significance of people issues in mergers and acquisitions. Most obviously, there’s a high degree of talent loss after a deal’s announcement.Executive teams can’t spend time together, except in highly charged circumstances with lawyers on hand.Acquirers can’t expect to see inside data on questions of employee satisfaction, compensation and promotion processes, or decision-making norms.From the target pours the language of resistance, decrying the poor fit and often questioning the motives and track record of the acquirer, sometimes in highly personal terms.For its part, the acquirer blasts away at the performance of the target’s management team, usually casting it in the worst possible light.

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