Carbon dating or radiocarbon dating

In addition, because the OSL technique is based on the dominant influence and factor of uncertainty of incomplete bleaching, that causes higher ages, and this influence has nothing to do with the chronology, it has to be expected that the OSL data may fluctuate more widely within the relative chronology than the TCN data. There are two sources of uncertainty in radiocarbon ages.First, there is unavoidable imprecision in the laboratory-calculated age.The radiocarbon dates used in the text are all cited as conventional radiocarbon years BP, unless otherwise stated.The most important dated sections are Gossau, with the calibration of the interstadial complex, and the Gondiswil/Zell sections with the dates at the end of peat growth.This must lead to an additional overestimation of the age of samples.In a summary article, discuss the problems connected with the OSL method.The radiocarbon measurements were all undertaken at the Swiss laboratories in Bern and Zürich, following the lab-specific treatment methods.Before OSL and SED were available, work has concentrated on improving dating sequences with organic sediments within the upper limits of radiocarbon or beyond.

The application to the interglacial sequences at Gondiswil (SED has so far been dramatically underused for the glacial chronology in the Alpine Forelands.

Because the measuring technique is only calibrated for the case of complete bleaching, and the samples contain unknown proportions of unbleached material, the age determination by OSL leads to an unknown overestimation of the true age (cf. A further factor of OSL calibration is the portion of cosmic rays, to which the already deposited material has been exposed.

This portion, however, can only be estimated and is—as will be illustrated below in the context of the TCN technique—underestimated.

They cannot be used for a mutual calibration because they depend on the same factor. Therefore, this relative chronology does not permit the correctness of absolute ages.

Chronology and absolute age do not establish a connection.

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