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Although it’s unclear whether that night’s encounter between Bass and Martone produced any sparks, the latter’s libido would get him in trouble just a few hours later at a party at Wilhelmina President Sean Patterson’s home.

And though the actress has talked about it openly in the past, we find this photo of the couple getting ready for prom a delightful, throwback gem.

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Due to the extremely biased and partisan reporting by Fox News shows including The O'Reilly Factor, Hannity, Fox & Friends, etc., there is a strong public stance against supporting sponsors of these shows.

Finding Prince Charming will be much like ABC's The Bachelor with one man being able to chose from 13 suitors.

Friday on ABC’s “The View,” when asked if he wants to run for president in 2020 billionaire businessman and “Shark Tank” star Mark Cuban did not rule it out.

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"I was really happy after he was able to go public with it because I don’t think anybody should have to live their life in a way where they feel like they’re keeping a secret," she said and added that the two of them are still in touch.

Gatecrasher writes up at least eight occasions on which they've been spotted as a couple: "A source close to the couple tells us Martone and Bass met shortly after Lorenzo started seeing Jacobs in 2008, but the two men’s relationship has only heated up in the weeks since Jacobs and Martone said 'Bye Bye Bye.' A friend of Bass confirms that the boy-band star and Martone are indeed seeing each other, but says the odds of the relationship lasting are about as long as those for an ’N Sync reunion.'Lorenzo is trying to make it more than it is,' says the friend, who adds that Lance is just 'not that interested.' The pal also points out that Bass, 31, prefers to date guys who are 'younger and prettier' than the 31-year-old Martone.

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