Ashley olsen is dating lance armstrong

The girls also turned 18 that year, which meant they became co-presidents of the production firm.In order to secure the future of the company, they moved away from focusing on just being a media production house to releasing products for the teen market.She announced she was entering treatment for anorexia nervosa, which led to several sponsors cancelling their relationship with the Olsen twins.

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But considering the twins have been winning Council of Fashion Designers of America awards for the past few years, it seems unlikely that they’ll change their minds.

The two have been out of the spotlight for quite some time, but they’re far from inactive.

Together, the Olsen twins run Dualstar, which sells products in stores across America, and own their own fashion line.

But then, people started to wonder if the Olsen twins would be returning to the show, and people began to speculate why they weren’t.

Some people attributed it to Ashley Olsen’s rumored Lyme disease.

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