Accomodating children with

The following forms should be completed: The statement must be sent to CLU for checking and approving.CLU will return these with any suggested amendments.

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The Court will need to be reassured that, as far as possible, there will be continuity of care, education and other professional support when the young person leaves secure accommodation.

Please see the separate chapter Remands to Local Authority Accommodation or to Youth Detention Accommodation Procedure for further information regarding remands in criminal proceedings.

Secure Accommodation Legal Planning Meeting A report must be compiled by the Social Worker that includes: This report must be counter-signed by both the Services Manager and the Team Manager. The independent Reviewing Officer must be informed that a planning meeting for a secure accommodation order is being called.

The child/local authority may appeal to the High Court against the making, or refusal to make, an order.

Where a young person's: The circumstances under which a Social Worker may wish to make application for a Secure Accommodation Order are very similar to those in which the decision may be made to detain a young person up to 72 hours namely; where a child/young person's: The Court can grant an Order for up to three months initially and thereafter further authorisation by the Court is required, when a maximum period of 6 months can be authorised.

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