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The series pays homage to John Ritters Threes Company in Come and Knock on Our Door. I hope they have big plans for Season 2, which had the final three episodes of John Ritter.After discovering that boyfriend, Kyle kissed Kerry at a party (the previous episode, "Kerry's Big Adventure) Bridget gives her sister the silent treatment which is anything but quiet for Paul. Final Comments: I am so glad this series is finally coming out on DVD!Yes, 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter is finally on DVD with The Complete First Season from Buena Vista Home Entertainment!

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Special Features: Blooper Reel Introduction: The legendary John Ritter returns to series television in a family sitcom that aired on ABC and was laugh-out-loud funny!Menu Design and Navigation: For disc one, there are auto trailers before the main menu starts. You get trailers for The Jungle Book 40th Anniversary, Ratatouille, Meet the Robinsons, Ugly Betty and a piracy disclaimer. The main menu has an image of the top of the living room fireplace, where different family portraits are shown, and some trophies, too. The first season had quite a few memorable episodes. This series is so fun that I even watch the repeats daily on ABC Family Channel.Each episode has a stand out scene that you will always remember it by. It all started with the Pilot, where Cate goes back to work and Paul has to contend with Bridget dating his co-worker Tommy's (Larry Miller) son, Kyle (Billy Aaron Brown).However, when Bridget and Kerry discover Paul's teaching tool, they try to use it to their advantage to get their father to let them go to a rock festival.Another good one is Give It Up, where no one can agree on where the family vacation should take place, Paul challenges the Hennessey clan to give up their bad habits for a week -- and the winner gets to choose the vacation spot. Sort of an Officer and a Gentleman, Part 2 () Special Features: On disc three we have a Blooper Reel that runs . John Ritter was certainly the focus of the bloopers. I wish Buena Vista gave us more than just bloopers.The series first two-part episode is Drummer Boy, where Bridget defies the rules of the house after Paul forbids her from going out on a date with Ben (Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter) -- her college-age drum instructor. The set is perfect, but I would have liked if the packaging style was a bit better and wish they had more special features.The neighbors, The Doyles make an appearance at The Doyle Wedding the two-part season finale, Sort of an Officer and Gentleman. I loved the bloopers, but I also would have liked interviews, commentaries or deleted scenes, like I said. I hope Buena Vista is planning great extras and tributes to John Ritter for season twos DVD. As Paul says in one of his eight rules, you make her cry, I make you cry.There is a nice synopsis of the show and set, with a bonus feature and technical specifications box. The episode listing for each disc can be found on the left panel. Macromedia Flash High Bandwidth Link Macromedia Flash Low Bandwidth Link Clip #4 - The Mall Paul tries to decipher Bridget's indecipherable rapid-fire communication style.There are also nice photos that you will see when removing the discs and on the right panel, youll see the list of the 8 Rules Paul has made! Macromedia Flash High Bandwidth Link Macromedia Flash Low Bandwidth Link Clip #5 - Bonus Clip Blooper - John Ritter can't keep a straight face with Jason Priestley's colorful metaphors.

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